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Will you be going to Neocon 2019?


It’s that time of year again! Neocon 2019 opens June 10, but us reps will be busy with sales meetings, booth setup, etc., June 8 & 9 to be ready for your arrival. ifco, llc, will have four vendors exhibiting this year, two with showrooms, two on the busy 7th floor: The graphic illustrates the lines in order from the highest floor down.

Here’s a few hints to optimize your show experience!


1. Start your day (if you don’t have specific meetings) at the highest floor you intend to visit and go down via stairways. Elevators can be hard to catch so this makes your time more efficient.


2. Hydrate! But then scope out where the bathrooms are as they may be a distance from where you are at any given moment. There are floor maps on the Neocon website:


3. Comfortable shoes are a requirement! Leave the fashion shoes in your room for the evening.


4. Lunch: there’s options on the 1st and 2nd floors, but they are generally jammed. Food is available on the 7th floor and there are usually healthy options, but a bit pricey. Not a bad idea to have some kind of food bar with you.

5. Check the weather reports for downtown Chicago before you pack! It can be hot and muggy, or chilly and rainy: I’ve known it to be both.


Chicago is a great city and there are lots of wonderful restaurants within an easy Uber/Lyft ride from the Mart. If the weather is rainy you can count on extremely long waits in the cab/ride line leaving the Mart. Bring an umbrella and be prepared to walk a couple blocks to a different location from which to catch your ride.

Looking forward to seeing you at Neocon 2019!